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To create a tour promo poster inspired by the already existing ‘Operatror’ album art. The poster needs to reference the album art whilst also having it’s own identity and encompassing a wider array of the brand colours in a way that will look vibrant in the CMYK colour space for print.

The poster needs to be attention grabbing and have a bit of mystery to inspire more thought and interest in both the artwork, and by extension the artist and tour itself. The poster should look good in both horizontal and vertical billboard layouts.

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One of the objectives was to incorporate more of the brand colours, so I chose to make use the neon pink along with the light blue because both of these colours complement each other really well and the neon pink also comes out very vibrant on print because it falls within the CMYK colour space.

I chose to add some stars, galaxies and planets to the sky in the background to enhance the mysterious and ethereal look of the artwork. I then added the large blue/pink sun in the center to sit behind the main portrait. These elements add to the ‘out of this world’ imagery that is consistent with the brand image and message and also serve as a way to bring more life and interest to the artwork.

Palm trees and birds were added to the background to create the feeling of a mixed reality with both familiar and unfamiliar elements. The pink and purple layers serve both as a piece for text to be overlayed on at the bottom of the artwork and also provide contrast and depth for the other background elements. I chose to use the purple and pink colours on these layers and the top part of the sun to bring balance to the image through the positioning of these colours.

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