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The branding for Electrosyrup is designed to get you thinking. From the name to the logo, the brand instantly conjures up images in your head and sticks in your memory.

Electrosyrup is a modern music production studio focused on Electronic Dance Music. The objective for the branding was to convey a fun personality with a little bit of attitude. Keywords such as ‘Forward Thinking’, ‘High-Quality’, and ‘Passion’ were the focus here, so I wanted to create something that had both the fun personality, while also having elements of high-quality and passion. Lastly, it needed to be something that would stick in your head.

The name was the first things I came up with. There were many various ideas I had for the name, but I settled on Electrosyrup for two reasons. Firstly, it was a little bit more different than the others names, this gave it more potential for being memorable because the combination of Electro and Syrup usually wouldn’t go together, which makes it stand out more. Secondly, the name Electrosyrup has the tendency to make people instantly think of maple syrup. In other words, it instantly conjures up mental images of a delicious liquid that is generally connected to feelings of happiness. This was a very important part in establishing the fun imagery of the brand whilst also clearly conveying that the brand is focused around electronic music.

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